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History Detectives is a two hour curriculum based hands-on education program which includes presentations, activities, and short films produced by WHAM. These films are accurate re-creations of photographs from the museum’s collection and the information contained within was found through researching primary sources. Your students have researched a variety of topics throughout their school career, but how often have they had a chance to use primary sources for making a claim, developing an argument, or demonstrating a point? This program provides students with an opportunity to do these tasks by using archival records and artifacts from the Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum’s collections. By looking at primary sources that align with the Ontario History curriculum, students will get a chance to develop questions and identify evidence to support their conclusions. The History Detectives program includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum with a visit to our archives, artifact storage, and exhibition area. This workshop is designed for students in grades 7 to 10 and provides an interactive way for students to learn more about historical inquiry, and build their knowledge and appreciation for primary sources when learning history.
Curriculum Connections
This program aligns with:
  • 2013 Revised History curriculum for Grades 7 to 8
  • 2013 Revised Canadian and World Studies curriculum for Grade 10 (Applied and Academic)
Students will be involved with different components of the Inquiry Process by:
  • Formulating questions
  • Gathering and organizing information, evidence, and/or data
  • Interpreting and analysing information, evidence, and/or data
  • Evaluating information, evidence, and/or data and drawing conclusions
  • Communicating findings