Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum (WHAM)

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Three hand-painted rectangular spice tins in with curved lids sitting on wooden counter in the General Store display.


The Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum (WHAM) is a community museum with a mandate to collect and preserve three-dimensional artifacts and archival material pertaining to the history of Waterford, the former Townsend Township, and Norfolk County’s rich agricultural heritage. Our collection is held in the public trust and managed under the stewardship of the Corporation of Norfolk County.


WHAM is actively collecting artifacts related to the above mandate and would love to hear from you if you have a special item that you would like to donate.

Potential donors should keep in mind:

• Except in rare cases, WHAM is only able to collect artifacts pertaining to the history of Waterford, the former Townsend Township, and Norfolk County’s agricultural heritage. This includes, but is not limited to, artifacts produced/manufactured in the defined area; artifacts related to historically significant people, places, and events of the defined area; and artifacts used/or owned by residents of the defined area.

• In cases where WHAM is not able to accept your offered item(s), we will strive to suggest another museum or community organization where we think your item would best fit.

• Donors must hold clear legal title to all items offered to the museum and be willing to transfer that ownership in full; WHAM does not accept any long-term loans or any conditions on donations.

• WHAM retains the right to display, store, loan, use for educational purposes, transfer, or dispose of objects in such a manner as the Museum may deem in its best interests and in accordance with our Collections Policy and the Ethical Guidelines as laid out by the Canadian Museum Association.

• Donation decisions are the purview of WHAM’s Curator. It is a good idea to call ahead to book an appointment to discuss potential donations. Alternatively, we suggest emailing a short description and history of the item (including photographs of the donation when possible) to [email protected] ahead of time – this may save you an unnecessary trip.

If you have any further questions about a potential donation, please contact us.