The Norfolk County Agricultural Hall of Fame

Launched in 2014 by the Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum, the Agricultural Hall of Fame aims to honour “achievements, results, benefits, and innovations accrued to agriculture and rural development on a local and/or broader basis as a result of the nominee’s volunteer and paid activities.”

The nomination committee makes yearly selections from applications submitted by the public. Applications for future inductees can be obtained by contacting the museum.

Award recipient Harry Barrett in formal dress attire

Harry B. Barrett (2015)

Harry B. Barrett was nominated by Barbara Hourigan and Ross Gowan. He was born in Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County in 1922. Early in his career, Barrett was involved with the Experimental Union of Ontario. There he tested and identified root crops, as well as, barley and oat crop varieties for their adaptability to Norfolk County conditions. He was a Secondary School Agriculture teacher and as a member of the Provincial Agricultural Committee he developed a province-wide course in Environmental Studies. He founded the Norfolk School of Agriculture, a special program offered through Fanshawe College. As principal, he developed programs including the only comprehensive course on tobacco in Ontario.


Award recipient Larry Chanda poses in a RCMP uniformLarry Chanda (2015)

Chanda has been and continues to be a strong advocate for conservation and environmental stewardship in Norfolk County. He was a founding member of the Norfolk Land Stewardship Committee which provides landowners with access to programs and funding sources to support their stewardship efforts in Norfolk County. He is a 4th generation farmer who has established a three acre arboretum of Carolinian and various species and cultivars of trees and shrubbery on his property as a lasting legacy.


Monroe Landon sits at a table holding his cane

Monroe Landon (2015)

Monroe Landon was born in Norfolk County in 1887. His most notable achievements were his lifelong promotion of planting, preservation and improvement of woodlots and the establishment of windbreaks to  Norfolk County sand plain and productive cropland. As a botanist, Landon’s detailed study and documentation of the flora of Norfolk County has been published in The Vascular Plants of Norfolk County. His years of detailed, meticulous study of the hybridization of three distinct orchids in Turkey Point resulted in the recognition of a new species named after him – Cypripedium calceolus landonii.


A smiling Andy Zei in a white dress shirtAndy Zei (2015)

He was born in Szakadat, Hungary in 1925. Zei has been involved in Norfolk County’s tobacco industry for more than six decades. His tobacco crop was one of the finest in the County. He also served for more than 40 years on the Ontario Flue-Cured Tobacco Grower’s Marketing Board, representing up to 200 growers. As a director, he was responsible for negotiating crop price and trade missions. He was appointed, as the tobacco board’s representative, to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. He was also a member of the Norfolk Federation of Agriculture.


We look forward to celebrating the contributions and achievements of the fine nominees  each April when they will be inducted into the Norfolk County Agricultural Hall of Fame at the Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum.